Jack Fogliasso

Jack Fogliasso


California State University, Sacramento

Jack Fogliasso is a graduate student at CSU, Sacramento. When he finishes his core classes, he wants to research vector-valued Jacobi forms. After he obtains his Masters, he’s looking at a career in academia and plans to pursue a Ph.D. in pure math. A native of Redding, CA, he transferred to Chico State from Shasta College. At Chico State, he had the opportunity to work on pure math research. On the statistics side, he was a peer mentor for Applied Statistics (MATH 315) and helped typeset PMA6. In 2019 he obtained his B.S. in General Mathematics with a minor in Statistics. Jack is also a lifelong musician, specializing in percussion and dabbling in other instruments.


As an undergrad at Chico State, I wrote code using the software packages Sagemath, GAP and MAGMA to compute arithmetic data on algebraic curves for a pure math research project with my undergrad advisor Prof. Chris Marks (CSU, Chico), Prof. Luca Candelori (Wayne State) and undergrad Skip Moses (CSU, Chico). This work led to a publication in AMS’s Contemporary Mathematics series (preprint).

I also assisted Dr. Donatello with overhauling the LaTeX formatting of the PMA6 textbook


  • Algebra
  • Number Theory
  • Music


  • B.S. Mathematics, 2019

    California State University, Chico

  • M.A. Mathematics, 2021

    California State University, Sacramento