Project DA-FANH

Project DA-FANH, launched in August 2021 and was officially released February 21, 2022 by directors Dr. Robin Donatello (Chico State) and Dr. Essia Hamouda (Cal State San Bernardino) along with the help of other influential and successful women.

Our primary goal is to retain and graduate highly qualified students while dismantling barriers and existing stereotypes. We aim to build a pathway for students of color in the intersection of Data Science/Data Analytics within food, agriculture, natural resources and human sciences (FANH) careers. DA-FANH assists underrepresented students at Chico State and Cal State San Bernardino while allowing for increased representation in fields that are traditionally lacking in diversity.

This program focuses on teaching students how to enhance the nation’s career fields in food, agriculture, natural resources, and the human science professional and scientific workforce. We are assisting students in growing their future and increasing opportunities in the work force one day at a time.

Project DA-FANH is funded by grant no. 2021-77040-34880 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Robin Donatello
Robin Donatello
Associate Professor of Statistics and Data Science

My research interests are often in the field of Public Health, Education and Student Success. I enjoy using data to help others make the world a better place.