Institutional Learning through Empirical Assessment and Researching iNterventions

The iLEARN project will initiate a systematic, institutional approach to assessing the impact of programs on student success. The preliminary assessment will concentrate on interventions currently in practice at the university. In particular, we will investigate the following active programs:

  1. Spring 2019 Course Redesign Faculty Learning Community (FLC)
  2. Academic Probation workshops
  3. Supplemental Instruction programs

The goal of iLEARN is to close the loop on interventions by rigorously analyzing the effectiveness of current programs intended to improve student success (establish a baseline, make changes, re-evaluate program, increment additional changes or cancel intervention.) In addition, the iLEARN project will also incorporate existing surveys (i.e, BCSSE, NSSE, FSSE) to provide supplemental insights for predicting student success and enabling the university to place students in early intervention programs.

We began sharing project activity ideas in March 2019. Project analysis work will start in Summer 2020 and extend into the 20-21AY